Dark Santa Is A 1,100 Years Old Viking Who Is Here To Kill The Naughty Ones

The Opening scene is set in Bristol England and depicts Santa Claus drinking at a bar before heading out to deliver Christmas gifts during this time another man dressed as Santa Claus approaches him and asks if he has just gotten off work to which Santa responds that he's taking a break between shifts he then expresses his desire to retire as Santa Claus because children now have become more selfish and materialistic with this Santa exits through the door leading to the roof before that he seems to handed the bartender a gift for her grandson leaving her puzzled as to how Santa knew her grandson's name as a result he pursues Santa only to discover that he's fled on his sled astounded she can't take her gaze away until Santa pukes on her the movie then shifts to Greenwich Connecticut where we're introduced to Jason Lightstone who's waiting for his estranged wife Linda and their seven year old daughter Trudy Jason greets his daughter and thanks Linda for a green accompany him to his mother's house.

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Dark Santa Is A 1,100 Years Old Viking Who Is Here To Kill The Naughty Ones

The opening scene is set in Bristol, England, and depicts Santa Claus drinking at a bar before heading out to deliver Christmas gifts. During this time, another man dressed as Santa Claus approaches him and asks if he has just gotten off work, to which Santa responds that he's taking a break between shifts. He then expresses his desire to retire as Santa Claus because children now have become more selfish and materialistic. With this, Santa exits through the door leading to the roof. Before that, he seems to hand the bartender a gift for her grandson, leaving her puzzled as to how Santa knew her grandson's name. As a result, she pursues Santa only to discover that he's fled on his sled. Astounded, she can't take her gaze away until Santa pukes on her.

The movie then shifts to Greenwich, Connecticut, where we're introduced to Jason Lightstone, who's waiting for his estranged wife, Linda, and their seven-year-old daughter, Trudy. Jason greets his daughter and thanks Linda for agreeing to accompany him to his mother's house.

After several hours of driving, the trio arrives at Jason's mother's house and is greeted by a gatekeeper. Following this, they enter the mansion where everyone appears to be busy preparing for Christmas. After freshening up, the three of them head to the living room where they meet Jason's sister Elva, her new boyfriend, and want-to-be action star, Morgan, and her online streamer son, Bert. Shortly after, Jason's mother Gertrude, who's an abrasive CEO, walks in, and they head for dinner together.
Once the dinner is over, everyone retires to their rooms. Jason and Linda put their daughter to bed but Trudy is sad as her father forgot to take her to the mall to see Santa. Feeling guilty, Jason says he's getting her an early Christmas gift. He then presents her with a walkie talkie claiming that she can use it to communicate with Santa. Jason and Linda leave the room but they overhear their daughter's only wish. That her parents reconcile and reunite as a happy family.
Meanwhile, Santa goes house to house drunkenly delivering gifts until he arrives at Lightstone Estate upon entering the mansion he discovers the cookies Trudy had left for him he then grabs a bottle of wine and settles into a massage chair to unwind in the mansion security room one of the intruders enters and knocks out the on-duty guard. He then signals his accomplices to begin carrying out their plan. Outside Scrooge enters the mansion and is greeted by the gatekeeper.
He explains that his is broken down and requests assistance. The gatekeeper turns around to summon a tow truck for Scrooge but he abruptly shoots him in the head. It's then revealed that Scrooge is the mission's leader and his henchmen begin killing all of the mansion's security guards and staff. After learning of the danger, a security guard escorts Gertrude to the panic room but Scrooge has already infiltrated it. He overthrows the guard and eventually takes the Lightstone family hostage.
Amidst this, Linda and Jason are arguing in their room regarding Gertrude. Linda claims that his mother is always attempting to put herself between them. Jason attempts to calm Linda down and promises to work things out with her even if it means giving up his family's wealth and company. However, their conversation is interrupted by the sound of gunshots outside. At the same time, Santa Claus also hears the chaos and tries to escape before the criminals can spot him.
He attempts to use his power to teleport through the chimney by tapping his nose. But his drunkenness prevents it from working properly. Due to this, one of the henchmen discovers Santa and they engage in a fight. The noise from their altercation frightens the reindeer causing them to flee. Then the two engage in a fight until Santa knocks him out of a window to his death. He is about to sneak out of the mansion with this but he notices Trudy and her family as hostages and decides to save M.
Later, the Lightstone family is held captive in the living room with guns pointed at them. Gertrude tries to intimidate the criminals by claiming that she has a secret team on the way to extract them. Scrooge claims to be aware of everything including the fact that her safe currently holds 300 million US dollars.
Regardless, she's unconcerned because she's certain that no one can break into the vault. But unexpectedly, Scrooge is aware of the button she must press in order to activate the automatic lock-changing mechanism. Following this, he takes the remote from her and gathers his mercenary team to hack into the vault. A short time later, one of his henchmen contacts him to inform him of their deceased comrade. Seeing this, he orders his men to search the entire house for anyone who may have managed to get away.
On the other hand, Santa enters the house through the back door and attempts to call the police. But all of the lines appear to be disconnected. As he hears approaching footsteps, he hires behind a pillar and rummages through his bag in search of something to defend himself with only to find video games and dolls with no way out Santa grabs a doll and launches a surprise attack on the henchmen from behind the two fight but for the first few minutes the henchman has an upper hand however Santa somehow manages to stab the henchman's eye with the edge of a star before electrocuting him to death back in the living room Trudy attempts to communicate with Santa via walkie talkie.
In the meantime, Santa finds the henchman's walkie-talkie and hears Trudy calling out for him. He inquires as to her location to which she responds that she's in the living room surrounded by armed guards. After learning this, he promises to assist all of them. Following this, he proceeds to the gatekeeper only to discover his dead body. Just then, he hears Scrooge's voice on his walkie talkie and he answers with a warning that Scrooge releases his family or else he will come after them.
This anger Scrooge causing him to interrogate Gertrude about the Santa Claus impersonator she supposedly hired. She claims she has never heard of Santa Claus but he doesn't believe her. In order to coerce her, Scrooge begins torturing the family members starting with Jason. Seeing this, Trudy attempts to scare the thugs by invoking Santa's name. Linda informs Scrooge that the child is only pretending but insists that she has been speaking with the real Santa.
Jason becomes concerned for his daughter and raises his voice at her. Claiming that Santa Claus is not real. The girl is disappointed and runs off seeking refuge in the attic. Meanwhile, Santa notices himself bleeding and realizes he has injured himself in the fighting process. With no one to assist him, he stitches himself up but he collapses due to excessive bleeding. While unconscious, he has a vision of himself as a warrior.
Not long after he's jolted awake by Trudy's voice on the walkie-talkie. Upon answering it she asks if he's a real Santa to which he confirms. However, he admits that Santa's powers are limited. And he cannot grant her wish of reuniting her parents. During the conversation, Santa reveals his past. Stating that he was a bloodthirsty warrior who used to kill people with his special hammer. Despite his dark past, Trudy tells him she still believes in him because he's doing good work now.
After their brief conversation, Santa instructs her to remain hidden until he arrives. Inside the living room, a mercenary instructs the family to exchange gifts. When it's Jason's turn, he pretends to have forgotten his gift in the car. But the over-smart Bert grabs it from under the tree and gives it to his grandmother. Upon opening the gift, Gertrude finds a note causing her expression to change immediately after reading it.
Regardless, she keeps the contents of the letter to herself and does not disclose it to anyone. Santa sneaks up to the mercenary but before he attacks, he accidentally triggers a toy, alerting the mercenary to his presence. This prompts him to flee into a room but Scrooge blows the door down and ties him up. They then search the sack but find no weapon. Considering it a useless sack, Scrooge throws it into the fireplace, burning all the gifts in it.
Scrooge does not believe he's the real Santa Claus because of an incident from his childhood when he crept into his neighbor's house and stole their gifts. He scared their grandfather who died after falling down the stairs in shock. When Santa hears this, he informs him that he doesn't get involved in people's lives and only delivers presents. Which is why he did not help him that day.
A short time later, Trudy dumps Styrofoam balls into the vent, distracting the thugs. Seeing it as an opportunity, Santa taps his nose and uses his powers to teleport to the roof. Just then, Gertrude's private kill squad led by Commander Thorpe arrives but there in cahoots with Scrooge. Morgan tries to escape but is killed by the squad. Santa checks his list and discovers that the names of the squad members are on the naughty list.
As the extraction team opens fire on him, Santa realizes that they're actually on Scrooge's side. He manages to retreat to a shed where he finds a sledgehammer with which he starts brutally slaughtering the kill squad. Inside the mansion, Scrooge opens the vault only to discover that the money is already gone. Angry and frustrated, he confronts the light stones and demands to know where the money is.
At first, they remain silent but when the thug points a gun at Linda, Jason is forced to admit that he stole the money and was planning to flee with his wife and daughter. This is what he had written earlier on the note. He then leads Scrooge outside to the money. As soon as Scrooge secures the money, he orders the execution of all the hostages.
Back in the attic, Trudy, who is inspired by the film Home Alone, finishes setting up traps for the mercenaries. When the two mercenaries come looking for her, the little girl manages to take down both of them. In the living room, Linda, Bert, and Alpha band together to take down another thug who is about to shoot them. During this, Sam walks in with Trudy and Linda is relieved to find that her daughter is safe.
Without delay, they all rush outside to save Jason and Gertrude from Scrooge. Another brawl erupts and Linda with the assistance of Santa begins shooting down the henchmen. This induces Scrooge and the extraction team's leader Thorpe to flee in the snowmobile but Santa is in pursuit. After killing the last few goons, Jason and Linda kiss passionately. Finally ending the gap in their relationship.
Seeing this, Trudy is overjoyed because her wish has been granted. During the chase, Santa knocks Thorpe off his snowmobile and then pursues Scrooge. At one point, Scrooge lures Santa into crashing into a cabin. The two then engage in a brutal fight with Scrooge using every weapon he has to pierce Santa. In the midst of their battle, Scrooge discovers his name on the naughty list and acknowledges Santa is real.
Scrooge then believes that killing him will end Christmas but Santa uses his magic to drag him up the cabin's chimney crushing and eviscerating him to death. As he celebrates his victory at the top of the chimney, he is suddenly shot in the chest by Thorpe. He is about to execute Santa but Gertrude shows up with a gun and puts a bullet in Thorpe's head.
The other light stones arrived to help Santa. Jason some money to keep warm. But Santa eventually succumbs to his wounds. Trudy is devastated to see this. But she maintains her faith in him. She also motivates his family to declare their faith in Santa. All of the family members join in one by one. Allowing Santa to be resurrected. Everyone wonders how it happened.
But even Santa himself doesn't fully comprehend the workings of Christmas magic.
Afterward, Santa expresses his gratitude to the light stones who reciprocate their appreciation. Santa's reindeer return with his sleigh and he bids farewell before flying off to finish delivering gifts. His faith in Christmas was restored.

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