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imagine going on a space trip to start a  new life, but due to a malfunction you wake up too early and are left alone on the ship for over 80 years,  that's why today's Passengers. The Story begins on a space colonization ship carrying future colonists in hibernation,  the journey was going well until a  meteor shower damages the ship causing  Chris Pratt who will be known as Zing to prematurely wake up from his sleep, at first he is excited by the pre-programmed messages from the  Holograms, but soon realizes something is wrong as he is the only one awake through a hologram. he learns that he woke up 90 years too early. saddened and desperate, he tries to send a message to Earth but is told it will take at least 55 years to receive a  response. he walks the Halls until he meets a  bartender who is Overjoyed to talk to him, but quickly realizes the bartender is an Android named Artur who serves him a drink.

later we see him there undecided  on trying to hibernate again since  luckily he is an engineer and has access  to all the ship's manuals and tools, so  he starts working on his capsule  reactivating it, but only almost gets  stuck there  then he tries to force the crew's entry  in different ways but he can't  later we see that the ship is still  presenting increasingly greater failures  such as the doors again in the bar game  he asks our tour for advice and he tells  him to enjoy the moment which motivates  him to follow his advice  with his skills and tools he decides to  live the good life on the cruise doing  things like getting a luxury room eating  and drinking a lot at expensive  restaurants watching movies and so on  but we see how time goes by in  loneliness and monotony start to affect  him both physically and mentally one day  while walking drunk he can see a rune  with spacesuits that allow you to leave  the ship Jim breaks down and falls into  depression to the point of considering  suicide by leaving the ship without his  suit but at the last second he decides  not to do it and runs back  in one moment he trips and falls from  the bottle he had previously thrown  he gets up and by chance he meets the  co-protagonist Jennifer who I'll call  Aurora and is a writer who is still in  hibernation  gradually Jim starts to become obsessed  with her reading her biography over and  over again eating next to her and so on  until he comes up with the idea of  waking her up so he won't be alone  but knowing he would sentence her to die  before reaching the destination  so he decides to seek advice from his  friend Artur but as expected he can't  help  then the thought begins to linger more  and more in Jim's head as he uses his  little sanity to try not to but ends up  giving in and decides to wake up Aurora  after doing this he runs scared to his  room about what he did  a few minutes passed before he can calm  down and go to the lobby where both of  them are and Jim tells Aurora what is  happening that they both woke up earlier  and only they are awake but he omits the  part where he will corrupt finally she  asks him how long he has been awake a  year in three weeks at that moment  Aurora goes into shock and runs trying  to find her capsule but Jake catches up  and calms her down making her rational  later Jim returns to the bar and asks  our tour not to tell the truth in the  morning  the next day the two of them are in the  cafeteria and while Aurora shares her  first class breakfast with him she  presents him with multiple options to go  back in Bernard but Jim denies all of  them because he already tried each one  of them later Aurora decides to try to  do things the same way but quickly  realizes it is useless meanwhile Jim  sees a cleaning robot fail and realizes  that these failures on the entire ship  are becoming more frequent one week  after Aurora starts having a routine and  making a diary of her new way of life  saying that she has already resigned  soon after she finds herself there and  decides to socialize with him  interviewing him and asking about his  reasons for deciding to take the space  trip in the first place Jim responds  that he no longer saw a future on Earth  and no longer felt useful there they  spend time together and become closer to  the point where Jim asks her out  Aurora and Jim go to a bar where she  meets harto de Honan and they chat  finally they reached the space suits  airlock and go out having a great time  they kiss and spend the night together  and both seem happy doing everything  together even though the ship's  malfunctions are still present  after a year Jim celebrates his birthday  and they have a birthday party that ends  up at a bar with art and in a casual  conversation  Jean says he has no secrets with Aurora  but shortly after while Jim goes to the  bathroom to find a wedding ring Artur  confesses to Aurora the gym was the one  who will corrupt this leaves her in  shock and demands someone confess which  he does and she leaves horrified  the days go by and she is still  devastated and even though Jim speaks to  her through a speaker trying to  apologize he has no success  time goes by and they reach a point  where they decide not to talk to each  other  in a final attempt at reconciliation  James plants a tree on the ship  however the ship's failures are no  longer minor and all kinds of failures  start to appear all the time at one  point Jim and now they hear the voice of  the deck Chief named cost they gather in  the lobby where the tree isn't telling  that the ship is having failures  so Gus decides to make a manual  diagnosis and sends each of them to a  different part of the ship at one point  as two checks the capsules he realizes  that it was Jim who opened the gold  capsule now he understands that after  having spent so much time alone and  realizes that the important thing is  that after that they find out that he is  not sick due to the failure of his  hibernation capsule  later the three of them Gather in the  navigation room and conclude that the  ship has been suffering failures since  the day it woke up earlier  that same night as two and Kim sleep  Aurora is swimming in the pool when  another failure affects gravity  two who is asleep is barely affected and  floats out of bed while the most  affected is Aurora who is now drowning  in the pool because with the water a  water sphere is formed the Trapster and  nearly kills her  but fortunately the gravity returns in  Aurora can get out of the pool  both of them find each other and go to  see what happened there  the three of them discovered that the  origin of the failure is in the  engineering room and that if they don't  fix it the whole ship will stop  functioning  quickly they head to the room to find  the failure and when they were about to  search he faints  so now the three of them go to the  Infirmary  a diagnosis indicates that all the  organs of two are failing and he has  little time left  suddenly the ship crashes and all  systems fail  they send Aurora to look for something  and she finds it in a living room with  her uniform already in the last moments  tells both of them to take care of each  other and to fix the ship to save  everyone  they give him a bracelet with which he  will have access to all systems  then with his last breath he sees what  has happened  Aurora and Jim decide to work together  to fix the ship and head to the  engineering room  when they try to open it Aurora is  pulled Inside by a meteorite that has  depressurized the chamber  she barely holds on and Jim manages to  cover the hull but the damage from the  meteorite is greater and it spreads to  the ship's reactor  when they arrive at the reactor they  notice that the computer that controls  it is damaged and quickly search for  spare parts  suddenly the ship starts to shake  later they managed to reach the spare  parts in time and Jim replaces the  damaged part but the reactor still  doesn't work and enters critical state  now they try to vent it but the fan is  also damaged  then Jim tells Aurora that he will have  to manually open the hatch from the  outside in their suits  Aurora gives him instructions on how to  open the ventilation hatch  armed with an improvised Shield he heads  towards the exit but she now stops him  and asks him to be careful  finally forgiving there at that moment  he goes outside in simultaneously Aurora  runs to the reactor room and manages to  hold the ventilation lever that was  injured in her arm  meanwhile he is reaching the external  ventilation but the hatch does not open  so he must do it manually  but now there is a problem because the  hatch does not stay open and both of  them have to stay to keep it so they  argue because Aurora knows it is very  dangerous but Jimmy explains and reminds  her that there are many more passengers  on the ship and they have to do it  he tells her one more time to pull the  lever and Aurora does and the action  sets the reactor flames on fire injuring  Jimmy but he still manages to get inside  he can no longer bear it and is expelled  with force and ends up breaking the  Guide Cable that keeps him safe  meanwhile the reactor stabilizes the  system's restart and the engines start  working  but without his Guide Cable James is  heading straight towards the engines  The Shield holds with all its strength  and manages to throw him off course and  change direction  they also managed to contact Aurora she  tells him it worked and he can return  but Jim says it is not possible because  he lost his Guide Cable and his suit is  losing pressure  anguished by what she hears Aurora tells  Jim to go for him with his last effort  while adrift and losing air he  apologizes and expresses that he would  have liked to live with her  Aurora finally gets the suit and looks  for him finds him and jumps  she is about to reach him but her own  Guide Cable reaches its limit but  luckily some of it stays attached  she sees him manages to hold on to him  and drags him towards the ship with  difficulty she manages to bring into the  infirmary where the diagnosis indicates  that he is dead but now she does not  give up and asks the machine to revive  him which apparently is not possible  according to protocols but then she  remembers she has the gos bracelet and  with some trial and error she remembers  the access code and applies all the  resuscitation protocols with a set of  tools  the machine uses them all at the same  time to revive Jim after a moment of  tension he revives in breathing an  excited Aurora jumps on her beloved and  kisses him and both are safe  some time passes and we find them  checking the capsule and Aurora applying  makeup to Arthur who suffered damage to  his face when the ship was in critical  condition shortly after we see them  performing a space funeral letting him  go into Infinite Space through the  exclusion hatch  at that moment Jim asks Aurora to go to  the Infirmary  once there he explains that with voice  access codes he found a way to convert  the medical capsule into a nation and  offers her the opportunity to take the  position in the capsule since there is  only one unfortunately he will have to  stay awake  we changed the scene and see Kim alone  at the bar with Arthur holding the  wedding ring he wanted to give to Aurora  then we see Aurora arrive at the ship  and offer him marriage and she happily  accepts with a final kiss  finally we see the destination Planet 88  years after the events when the crew  members of the ship begin to awaken they  arrive at the lobby amazed to see it  turned into a large garden with a huge  tree in the center and with a message  engraved by Aurora welcoming them don't  forget to comment which movie you would  like me to summarize  like subscribe and activate the Bell to  not miss the next videos

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